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01 January 2011 @ 12:15 am
08 August 2010 @ 11:21 am
'ello pretty people.
i have never felt so dead in my life~ even though i slep like a stone for almost 9 hours i got a pretty bad headache.

the first thing i did after waking up?
i cleaned the damn kitchen sink, because someone left their orange food snipplets in there. D:
and just remember, i am completely alone in this house. ._.

yesterday my taxi driver told me to get off the taxi 700m away from my home, because there's construction work going on where i live. dude.... you can drive around it. uhuh. ._.

whatever. i am pleased now. i got breakfast (cornflakes D:) and tea (weird green tea D:) and the whole sunday for myself~


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08 July 2010 @ 01:10 pm
i just realized how i barely post here.. so yeah. see this as some gigantic update. Oo

first of all, i changed my journal layout. i wanted something fresh and new and summerly... but especially something neutral.. since i find myself not having any time left for fandom ever so often, i decided i'd just, for now, cut fandom from my joural. no, just kidding.. :3

then, i'll be going on vacation tonight~! yaaay~
so tonight i'll take the plane to switzerland where my dad will pick me up. i'll stay with him 'til sunday/monday, when i'll take the train up to undothebee 's place.
we will take the thalys to paris next thursday and stay there 'til saturday. it'll be so exciting~! the last time i went to paris i was 6...
on sunday we'll just chill at her house, do some laundry, relax... because~ on monday we'll catch our plane to london~
this year we'll just go see the local attractions we haven't seen last year and, of course, do some shopping! we didn't shop that much last year, so we gotta get way more things this year!
we'll stay in london for six days and come back on saturday, july 24th...
after that i gotta say byebye soon and go back up to hamburg, becauseeeeeee... /drumroll/

i will move the next weekend.
not just anywhere, but to the netherlands. i'll live in a small town (lol well.. not so small after all, but whatever) called breda, where i will go to university for the next 4 years.
i'm studying asian business management, that's pretty much like international management, but combined with chinese language classes and special courses about the different asian economies...
after one year, i'll go to china (or singapore, korea, etc..) where i'll do my workplacement. then i'll come back and continue to study in the big nl (future soccer world champion, btw.. ;3)...
i already rented a 10 squaremeters room which'll be my home for at least the next year...

so this is the plan and the reason why i am barely around.
i gotta organize stuff, learn languages, do stuff in general.
hopefully, i'll find some more time to hang around the internet after i moved :3
see you all then~
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26 June 2010 @ 12:49 am
...right, it's me~!
I'll post prom pictures tomorrow.. too tired for now.. :3
Lemme just say that these 13 years of school were an amazing time... and I'll miss my people..
Anyways. Last night was amazing and I hope you'll enjoy the few pics I took... tomorrow..

And I'm really looking forward to study in the Netherlands... Will move there this summer....
After visiting Paris and London for a few days..

I barely update this thing. Goddamn...
Good night, y'all.. :3
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14 April 2010 @ 10:17 am
i don't feel so well at the moment.
and this will just be another post complaining about stuff.
so if you don't wanna read it, ignore it... but this goes also out to certain people.. so idk. maybe, if our friendship is important to you, read this please.i hope this will reach you.Collapse )

as for some random everyday post...
well i got accepted (more or less.. lol) into university in Breda, Netherlands.
i will most definitely move there this summer.
the subject is called "Asian Business Management" and it'll be epic.
besides the usual business administration stuff i'll also learn Mandarin Chinese, do some internship in China, a year abroad in China or South Korea and some general Asian culture studies.

i'll tell you more about it after i graduated and found a place to live.

have a good day~
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08 April 2010 @ 11:02 am

oh fuck yes.
last night was fucking epic, you guys!all about the concert~Collapse )

all in all i can only repeat how much i loved it. :D

have a good day~
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22 March 2010 @ 02:05 pm

Hamburg. that's where i live. 8D
so now i gotta decide~ and i really don't know. ._.
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21 March 2010 @ 06:01 pm
so springbreak was not refreshing at all. but still fun.
i watched a big amount of movies and tv shows. first season of supernatural, inglorious basterds, up, fanboys, watchmen and also the good, the bad, the weird...

school is gonna start again tomorrow. and i really don't wanna go. meh.
but then again it's only monday and tuesday, no school for me on wednesday and after a long long thursday friday will be a party since i'll have only very few classes~

on tuesday me and my mom will drive down to Meppen and visit friends. the next day we'll go to one ot the universities i'm applying to. it's located in the netherlands~ heehee and it's actually my first choice atm.

also.. i want new icons.
in my opinion all my biases need their own icon. so i need hyunseung, junho, mi, kiseob, soohyun, eeteuk, boom and maybe seungho.
i'll work on this later..

as for now.. applications.
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07 March 2010 @ 04:56 pm

cleaned desk
cleaned desk

i spent so much time to clean it... and it still looks weird.. ugh.. where to put all this stuff? DD: my desk eats things as well.. my ipod adapter is still gone. meh. ._. shitty sunday is shitty.

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05 March 2010 @ 12:05 am

i know i shouldn't generalize here.. but uhm seriously?
this makes no sense at all.
even when y'all are in your 90s or something, it isn't respectful to break your favorite artist's cds.
it's not respectful to boykott them.
it's not respectful, by any means, to accuse jype of treating jaebum unfairly, when jaebum doesn't really raise his own voice.
yes, it might be wrong to assume that jaebum agreed with everything that happened, but yet, you don't fucking know.

this said, please don't tell us international fans, that we don't have a clue of what's going on, since you have none either.

oh  and also, since koreans understand koreans the best, americans understand americans best.
why do you delusional bastards think you understand jaebum?
to your information, korean decent does not equal korean thinking.
he is american, his mind at least is american. accept that and shut the fuck up.

as for the last part of this infuriated letter, i have to apologise to those in korea who disagree with this ex-khottest opinion.
of course there might be fans who think differently, just like there are international fans who don't support 2pm as six members or who just support jaebum or whatever!

my opinion is that i will definitely support 2pm.
because i enjoy their variety shows, their performances and their music.
because they entertain me and that's their job.
they don't have to be perfect little angels.

jype doesn't have to be a perfect agency either.
i think they did a great job promoting the boys so far and i hope they'll get them out of this hole they got into because of this incident.

i love 2pm, no matter if they are six or seven or fifteen. i just enjoy their show.

yours truly

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