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hello, my name is 2pm

all freshly dressed

4 July
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these faded memories...
this is my personal journal. my fanworks can be found somewhere else, check out the links above to find them. other networks i'm part of are linked to above as well. feel free to add me anywhere, i love meeting new friends. and don't worry, i don't bite. :3 my name is lyza. i am from germany and 18 years old. i'm graduating this year and i don't know yet what or where i'm going to study. i'm very interested in languages. i'm fluent in german and english. i speak basic spanish and korean. in my freetime i enjoy taking photographs, writing stories and drawing, all this on amateur niveau. i have a high interest in fashion and pretty things. i am using livejournal mostly to keep up with my fandoms. i'm currently into korean music, so this is what you will probably find in this journal. the bands i currently enjoy the most are 2pm, u-kiss, beast and mblaq. i'm a big fan of former group g.o.d. as well.